Our Mission

Our mission at Whispering Waters Day Spa is to serve you with exquisite, delicious self care in a relaxing and revitalizing environment. While relaxing, our Staff helps your skin and body look and feel its absolute best. We will solve your challenges, with the freedom to choose what works for you! Read More

Harmonize body, mind & soul.

A massage releases toxins and clears the lymphatic system; brings stress and pain relief. It improves emotional balance, skin and muscle tone and circulation; boosts the immune system and flexibility. Decreases pain and muscle-joint tension, insomnia, anxiety and there is harmony within. Read More

A Green Day Spa

We are an eco-conscious business. We strive to conserve energy and water and we take action to ensure personal and planetary health. Hopefully our example will inspire others to do the same.  

Please come early to enjoy the healthy snacks and refreshments in our Quiet Haven which are included with your service.

WWDS Highlights


Whispering Waters Day Spa takes you farther. Beyond pampering. Beneath the surface. Inside your soul. To a place of extraordinary well-being. You will relax as never before.


The sensory reflection of our modern style spa offers privacy, luxury, and superlative treatment in a serene setting. Your mind and body will thank you.


Indulge in premium spa services with massages, facials, and wellness at our luxury day spa… a full-service spa in San Antonio. Discover the restorative benefits today.


Just pre-purchase and book a Deluxe Swedish Massage every month and you will receive a substantial discount.

Popular Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Select your intention: Indulge, Invigorate or Inspire. Your Massage Therapist will use a variety of massage techniques with a light to medium pressure to customize your massage.

Tranquility Spa Package

For a gentle escape from the hectic pace of the day; this is the perfect package & our most popular. A complete full body Swedish Massage, Classic Facial, Manicure as well as a Pedicure. Now you’re ready to celebrate life!